Black Market Butt Injections… not worth the risk!

Fat injections and silicone implants are offered throughout cosmetic surgery practices around the country. However, many fraudulent “doctors” are performing butt injections

with something called free-silicone — that means silicone that is in liquid form, rather than packaged like an implant. This low grade, non-approved silicone has negative, long term effects for those who live to tell their tale. “Medical grade silicone has been approved by the FDA and has a high molecular weight designed to be implanted into the body.

The use of industrial grade silicone and the chronic, low level inflammation that ensues can cause the skin to darken and get hard over time. When injected into the buttocks, industrial grade silicone can travel, leading to increased complications and difficulty removing the substance surgically.

Fixing a botched butt injection procedure is a complex, costly process. “First, an MRI must be done to view if the product spread out to the entire gluteus or if it is localized. There are several options available depending on the severity of the case. However, No one way can ever remove 100% of the product, but the goal is to get most of it out to lessen the chance of future complications.”

More severe cases must be treated with large surgical incisions, causing severe, permanent disfigurement of the gluteus.

Silicone granulomas resulting from previous silicone injections may cause chronic infections, chronic pain and discoloration of the skin. This tendency to migrate is especially serious when displaced silicone blocks blood vessels in major organs. This adverse effect can cause tissue damage, stroke, and DEATH.

If any of these injections go too deep into the large gluteal blood vessels, the substance can reach the lungs. Death is almost guaranteed.

Cuando se inyecta en los gluteos la silicona migra e infiltra tejidos en otras areas causando deformidades lo que provoca un aumento de complicaciones y dificultad para extraer la sustancia quirurgicamente. Esta tendencia a migrar es especialmente grave cuando la silicona desplazada bloquea los vasos sanguineos en los organos principales. Este efecto adverso puede causar daño a los tejidos, embolia y muerte.