Body Lift

Men and women who experience drastic weight fluctuations or aging may be left with sagging skin and localized body fat. Having excess skin and stubborn fat can be both physically and emotionally bothersome, affecting a person’s overall quality of life. Folds of skin can also limit mobility and obscure the body’s underlying physique. Body lift surgery is a comprehensive surgical package that is entirely customized to each patient’s unique anatomy. Patients from around the world undergo body lift surgery with Dr. Pedro Puebla to restore their confidence, reveal their attractive contours, and achieve a more youthful aesthetic.

Ideal Candidates for Body Lift

The best candidates for body lift surgery must be in good health and are concerned about the following cosmetic imperfections:

  • Skin laxity throughout the body
  • Pockets of stubborn fat
  • Irritation along folds of excess skin
  • Mobility issues due to having overhanging tissue
  • Post bariatric patients

Body Lift Options

Tummy Tuck

Depending on the desired or necessary extent of correction, one of the following tummy tuck techniques can be utilized during a body lift procedure:

  • Traditional: This approach consists of an incision across the pubic line and is ideal for patients with skin laxity and stretch marks below the navel.
  • Extended: This technique is appropriate for those with significant folds of excess skin and fat across their midsection from one hip to the other.
  • Fleur-de-lis: This type of tummy tuck provides more extensive correction to the midsection. It involves creating a horizontal incision across the pubic line (from hip-to-hip) and a vertical incision down the center of the abdomen.
  • Circumferential: This type of tummy tuck involves removing an apron of excess tissue around the circumference of the midsection and provides overall improvement.


Localized body fat is often unresponsive to dedicated diet and exercise efforts and can compromise a patient’s silhouette. Liposuction allows Dr. Puebla to refine the curves of the treated areas, producing a slender and pleasing figure. This technique can be used nearly anywhere on the body to create sculpted and defined contours.

Arm Lift

Patients who struggle with excess tissue and skin laxity in the upper arm area can benefit from adding arm lift surgery to their body lift procedure. This technique reshapes the upper arms and tightens the remaining skin, resulting in slim and sculpted arms. Liposuction is usually performed as well to pinpoint pockets of unwanted fat.

Thigh Lift

After substantial weight loss, many patients have displeasing skin laxity in the inner or outer thighs that can cause chafing or an undesirable aesthetic. A thigh lift can enhance the appearance of the legs by removing excess tissue and tightening the skin to create a smoother and firmer surface.


Patients who undergo body lift surgery will experience some discomfort, bruising, and swelling after their procedure. Dr. Puebla provides the necessary compression garments that can help minimize some of the side effects and lead to a more comfortable recovery. Prescription pain medication can also reduce postoperative discomfort. Body lift patients must stay at the hospital for one night for observation. After 10 days, patients are asked to come in for a follow-up appointment with Dr. Puebla to check how well the incisions are healing.


It can take one year to see the final outcome of a body lift procedure because the body needs time to heal and adjust to its newly formed contours. However, there is a noticeable improvement immediately following surgery. Bruising should dissipate within a few weeks, but residual swelling may persist for several months. Adopting a healthy, active lifestyle can help patients maintain results for many years after their procedure.

Revision Policy

Patients who undergo elective surgery can have a revision procedure in the future. No matter which cosmetic procedure you opt for, your body and face will continue to age naturally. If you have excess weight on your body, you may still experience fat deposits that need to be taken care of with additional liposuction treatments. The same goes for wanting a bigger buttocks or hips, extra rounds of treatment may be necessary to achieve your desired result. Aging, sagging, scarring, and other changes are attributed mainly to genetics and your aftercare routine. Should you desire revision surgery one year after your initial procedure, necessary fees may be required for the hospital, surgical facility, lab work, and medical supplies or devices (i.e., breast or facial implants). These revision surgeries will be personalized per patient, and there will always be a discounted rate available for return patients. Only patients who follow the recommended postoperative protocol and attend all follow-up appointments will qualify for the revision policy and associated courtesies.