Brazilian Butt Lift

Many patients desire a full, curvaceous rear that accentuates their figure. While certain exercises can help build the gluteal muscles, the best way to achieve a naturally voluptuous bottom is by undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift. This procedure utilizes advanced fat grafting techniques to deliver stunning and attractive butt augmentation. A Brazilian Butt Lift involves removing unwanted fat from problem areas of the body, purifying it, and injecting it into the buttocks. Dr. Pedro Puebla performs Brazilian Butt Lift surgery to provide his patients with beautiful and natural buttock augmentation and body contouring results.

Benefits to a Brazilian Butt Lift

The advantages of a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure include the following:

  • Fuller and shapelier buttocks
  • A sexy, hourglass figure
  • Comprehensive body contouring effects
  • Natural and long-lasting results

Brazilian Butt Lift Process


Fat must be harvested from areas of the body that contain pockets of excess fat. Liposuction is performed to remove unwanted fat from the donor sites, sculpting those regions of the body to provide additional body contouring. Dr. Puebla utilizes a tumescent liposuction technique that allows for easier fat removal and minimizes postoperative side effects, such as discomfort and bleeding.


Purifying the harvested fat is necessary to separate the healthiest cells and increase the success rate of the fat graft. This process eliminates impurities, such as excess fluid and debris, in preparation for reinjection into the buttocks and hips.

Fat Grafting

The refined fat is injected into the buttocks and hips (if desired) to sculpt and refine the contours of the lower body. By injecting the fat into the target areas in thin, even layers, Dr. Puebla can produce smooth buttock augmentation results. The body will metabolize a percentage of the transferred tissue, but the remaining fat becomes a permanent and living part of the bottom.


Brazilian Butt Lift patients can expect some bruising and swelling in the donor and injection sites. These side effects can be minimized by following all of the recommended aftercare instructions, including the use of compression garments. Dr. Puebla provides patients with the appropriate garments and a BBL pillow so that the recovery process goes smoothly. Pain can be reduced by taking prescription pain medication. Some patients must stay at the hospital for one night for observation. Seven days after surgery, patients are asked to come in for their follow-up appointment with Dr. Puebla to ensure that they are healing well and adjusting to their new curves.


Patients will notice an instant improvement in the size and projection of their buttocks following a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. Final results are visible about three to four months after surgery, and the transferred fat cells that graft successfully produce permanent enhancement. Weight fluctuations and the effects of the aging process may change the size of the buttocks and other parts of the body, but the shape and proportion generally stay the same.

Revision Policy

Patients who undergo elective surgery can have a revision procedure in the future. No matter which cosmetic procedure you opt for, your body and face will continue to age naturally. If you have excess weight on your body, you may still experience fat deposits that need to be taken care of with additional liposuction treatments. The same goes for wanting a bigger buttocks or hips, extra rounds of treatment may be necessary to achieve your desired result. Aging, sagging, scarring, and other changes are attributed mainly to genetics and your aftercare routine. Should you desire revision surgery one year after your initial procedure, necessary fees may be required for the hospital, surgical facility, lab work, and medical supplies or devices (i.e., breast or facial implants). These revision surgeries will be personalized per patient, and there will always be a discounted rate available for return patients. Only patients who follow the recommended postoperative protocol and attend all follow-up appointments will qualify for the revision policy and associated courtesies.