Out of Town Patients

Based in Mexico, Dr. Pedro Puebla treats patients from all around the world and delivers an incredible surgical experience to each of them. He and his team are committed to excellent, high-quality, and genuine customer care from the initial consultation to the recovery period. Dr. Puebla offers all-inclusive surgeries to give patients a straightforward and stress-free cosmetic journey.

All-Inclusive Surgical Procedures

Dr. Puebla provides all-inclusive surgical procedures for patients traveling from out-of-town for their treatments. By offering comprehensive pricing and guaranteeing no hidden fees or unexpected additional costs, we can eliminate the stress for all of our patients before, during, and after surgery.


We offer full-service transportation for our patients, including pick up at San Diego airport or any location near San Diego and transport to the hospital, and the same for return service. Our team takes care of everything so that you may relax and enjoy your time with us.

Hotel Accommodations

The cost of each procedure includes two overnight stays in the hospital for the patient and their companion. Patients are asked to stay at the hospital on the night before surgery (around 6:00– 9:00 p.m.) and the night after surgery to obtain the correct medical care, which include nursing care, hydration, and a postoperative check to see that you will be well enough to be released home. We have a special fare with Grand Care Tijuana and Hotel Lucerna, both of which are just five minutes away from the hospital.

  • Grand Care
    • $90 USD APROX /night
    • Five-star hotel with 365 rooms and suites
    • http://grandhoteltj.com/rooms/grand-care/
  • Hotel Lucerna
    • $105 USD APROX /night
    • Breakfast buffet included
    • http://www.hoteleslucerna.com/tijuana/

Your Surgical Experience

Dr. Puebla performs all of his surgeries at Hospital Ángeles, the best hospital in Tijuana, which provides outstanding service in both English and Spanish and has its own blood bank and intensive therapy. Please note that all of the doctors who work in the hospital are board certified, so you are in the best hands of Tijuana.

The cost of each procedure covers all hospital expenses as well as follow-up appointments with Dr. Puebla after surgery. Our all-inclusive price also includes:

  • Lab work
  • EKG
  • Post kit (depending on the procedure)
  • Garment (depending on the procedure)
  • Transportation service
  • Dr. Puebla, surgical assistant, and anesthesiologist fees
  • Implants (depending on the procedure)
  • Personal kit (shampoo, body lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste, qtips, wipes)

Post Kit

Depending on the type of procedure a patient undergoes, a post kit may consist of any of the following:

  • A BBL pillow
  • Two boards (abdominal board and backboard)
  • Foam
  • Post lipo cream (containing Arnica and vitamins)